Ipod Nano 8GB

The world of music was changed forever just over a decade ago. The previous ways of listening to music had become obsolete and dated. There was no more worrying about having to buy a whole CD when you only wanted one song from an album and no more of the problems that came with CDs. This meant no more worrying about wasting your money if the CD gets all scratched up and decides not to work anymore. It also meant being able to bring your music with you on the go. Yes that is right, for once you were able to run down the street blasting your tunes without having to worry about the music skipping from every little bump you ran over. Not to mention the device that changed all this was about a fourth of the size of a cd player. That is right I am talking about the iPod.

iPod history

The original iPod was an amazing success. It sold over two million units in record time and it was hailed by many technology reporters to be the greatest invention that music had ever seen. This was all thanks to the ease at which it allowed everyday people to carry and bring music with them no matter where they were in the world. The iPod went great places from that point in time too. It seemed every time you turned around the iPod was becoming sleeker and housing more and more features. The iPod nano 8gb 5th generation being near the very top of the pinnacle of this technological powerhouse.

The iPod Nano 8gb 5th generation

The iPod Nano 8gb 5th generation and the iPod nano 8gb accessories continue to revolutionize the way we listen to music every day. This is thanks to a variety of reasons but a lot can be said about how lightweight the device is. This makes carrying it around all the time a snap and especially helps promote using the iPod Nano 8gb during workouts. In fact, the iPod Nano 8gb has accessories that promote this such as sports bands that can attach to the forearm or the bicep of the listener to keep the iPod Nano 8gb readily available in a hurry. That means no more shuffling through your pockets while you’re sweating up a storm, just simple turn your arm a little towards you and the display is fully accessible. It has never been simpler.

The iPod Nano 8gb 5th generation has also continued the legacy of Apple in many ways. The surface is touchable with a slick glass touch screen which resists scratching and promotes simple command of the device’s interface. The interface, in fact, has also been updated to be easier to navigate with the ability to group icons together in simple to manage categories for easy access to apps when necessary. Also the iPod Nano 8gb uses a more updated version of iTunes which has a plethora of great resources to help manage your music like the impressive ‘iTunes Genius’ music finding tool. This tool carries on the Apple tradition of helping you experience music more by helping you find music that relates to your tastes based on songs and bands you’re already listening to!

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